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Caterpillar 793 Wheels and Rims


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    The Caterpillar 793 mining haul truck is among the company’s most popular in its size class, offering a high payload at 265 tons and a low cost per ton to operate. The first Caterpillar 793 was introduced in 1991 and has undergone several generational changes along the way to improve the truck’s performance and safety, including changes that make it up to 10% more fuel efficient than other trucks in its class. The Caterpillar 793 delivers 2,650 horsepower and has a top speed of 37 mph (60 kph). On 10% grades, it can travel up to 12.9 km/h. It can also navigate a 25% grade fully loaded.

    What Caterpillar 793 Does Best

    The Caterpillar 793 is widely considered to be among the most cost-effective and durable mining haul trucks. Mining trucks spend much of their operating time on inclines, and the 793 is notable when it comes to its ability to achieve faster speeds on grade. The Caterpillar 793 is fitted with a 16-cylinder C175-16 diesel engine which meets Tier-2 emissions requirements, and has a 20% torque rise, enabling it to climb steep grades with greater ease than other models. 

    Automatic Retarding Control applied to all four corners allows the full weight of the truck to be applied for traction, offering better control on poor underfoot conditions. An additional retarding option allows the Caterpillar 793 to achieve faster speeds and better stopping power during steep downhill hauls. The truck can automatically select optimal speed based on the grade, payload, and brake oil temperature to achieve a 25% increase in speeds during retarding.

    Large fleets of Caterpillar 793s are found operating in all types of mining environments around the world.

    Wheels and Rims

    RIMEX has been building wheels for Caterpillar 793 trucks since they were first introduced. With an understanding of the unique applications Cat 793s are subject to, including the demand for speed on grade while under load, RIMEX designers rose to the challenge, developing wheel assemblies with component configurations that deliver performance and durability under the most strenuous of conditions. RIMEX wheel assemblies installed on Cat 793s have proven themselves at mine sites around the world. These wheels include the Taper Secure Radial series (TSR), Machined Extreme Service series (MES), and Integral Gutter Lock Ring series (IGLR). Mine operators running large fleets of Cat 793 series trucks are commonly working with RIMEX for the truck’s wheels. Over the last 10 years RIMEX has produced and shipped almost 10,000 wheels of various types and configurations for Caterpillar 793 trucks.

    Maximizing Safety

    Taper Secure Radial Series Wheels

    The unique design of RIMEX’s TSR series wheels utilizes a taper concept to secure all components in place. Absolute stability of components and the tire is achieved as movement between parts is eliminated. When the tire is inflated, the rim parts lock into their tapered landing areas. The key benefit of the TSR design is absolute tire support. The wheel flanges DO NOT MOVE on the wheel base. The tire is anchored with complete stability and no air pressure is lost. As well as extending tire life, the life of wheel components is increased as there is no wearing or fatiguing of the parts from component movement.

    Machined Extreme Service Wheels

    The MES series of rims and components were introduced by RIMEX in 1988 and were the first wheels produced using fully machined sections. With the introduction of radial tires in the marketplace, a stronger wheel was needed that would withstand the increased pressures these tires were transferring onto the rims. RIMEX set out to resolve the quality gap for this specialized market by designing and building the first wheels using fully machined sections for true roundness—known today as our Machined Extreme Service series. RIMEX MES wheels use stronger lock rings, heavier flanges and fully machined precision gutter discs which sets these wheels apart from others.

    Mine operators and other industry users of Caterpillar 793 haul trucks quickly found that they could achieve longer tire life with fewer failures and reduced downtime by fitting their 793 fleets with RIMEX MES wheels.


    In addition to offering standard 57” 5-piece wheel assemblies for Caterpillar 793 trucks, RIMEX offers MES wheels with Double Gutter Service (DGS) and Integral Gutter Lock Ring (IGLR) components for safer and significantly faster tire changes.

    RIMEX DeFuzer Valve

    A DeFuzer Valve is a temperature sensitive pressure relief valve (190 psi, 200°F) designed to release potentially lethal air pressure build-up before extreme over-inflation or tire fire situations can occur.

    Designed for use on all off-highway tubeless wheels or rims 25” diameter or greater, DeFuzer valves are manufactured to the strict criteria of ASME Section 8 of the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector Standards and are easily installed in drilled NPT holes. All of RIMEX’s 51” to 63” wheels and rims are pre-drilled to accommodate ¾” DeFuzer Valves. When installed in RIMEX TSR, MES, or IGLR wheels on Caterpillar 793 trucks, DeFuzer Valves increase the safety of truck operators and tire bay workers by preventing dangerous blowouts and tire fires, and extend tire life.

    Lock Ring Support Stand

    RIMEX designed the Lock Ring Support Stand (LRSS) with safety in mind. The support stand catches single-piece lock rings in the event they spring off wheels or rims during mounting or dismounting operations.

    LRSS features:

    • Will not dislodge from wheel or rim base when catching lock ring
    • Once installed, LRSS can remain in wheel/rim during tire change operations
    • Acts as a support eliminating need for personnel to physically hold lock ring during installation
    • Single design fits wheels and rims from 45” to 63” diameters
    • Configurable adapters available for fitment to various wheel/rim designs
    • Robust design weighing 19 lbs / 8.6 kg, 20% lighter than previous RIMEX LRSS models
    • Manually telescoping height with finite adjustments
    • Hand adjustable tension control

    When used during Cat 793 tire changes and wheel fitting operations, the LRSS is a significant safety tool.

    For the most demanding applications that utilize Caterpillar 793 haul trucks, rely on RIMEX for quality built, innovative products that improve productivity, reduce downtime, and increase safety.