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TyreSense Sensors

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  • Overview

    The inside of an earth moving tire was never intended for electronics. Harsh conditions in the tire chamber, including high pressures, extreme temperatures, and liquid additives such as rust inhibitors constantly challenge the viability and service life of mining tires. But it’s in this type of punishing environment where RIMEX TyreSense wheel sensors actually thrive. As the core component of the TyreSense tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), each wheel sensor is individually configured to a specific tire on each vehicle. The sensors are designed to withstand extreme internal tire conditions, respond to fluctuations, and transmit precise pressure and temperature data, up to once every second, within 2% of actual pressure levels. The patented TyreSense diaphragm sensors are the only completely liquid-proof sensor in the market and are currently in operation on 10,000+ tire positions.

    To ensure standard of quality and reliability on which RIMEX prides itself, every TyreSense sensor goes through an extensive 6S lean manufacturing process with continuous quality assurance checks. Every TyreSense product, including the sensors, are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house by RIMEX staff.

    TyreSense Sensors

    TyreSense sensors transmit via radio frequency to a black box receiver unit mounted in the cab. The extensive data collection is sent to a server via wireless mesh network, GSM, or Bluetooth, and can be accessed through the TyreSense Client or cloud-based software. Additionally, the information collected can be viewed by the operator through an in-cab display unit. TyreSense data can also be integrated with most major fleet management systems, to be monitored by dispatch.

    TyreSense revolutionized tire pressure and temperature monitoring by becoming the first system to introduce a magnetic sensor mounting solution. The reusable TyreSense Magmount permits easy sensor installation without any modifications to the tire, which reduces labour requirements and potential vehicle downtime. To learn more, check out Magmounts in TyreSense Products.

  • Specifications

    Two types of sensors are offered for use in either wet- or dry-fit inflation tire environments. Our patented wet-fit sensors use a flexible diaphragm to keep liquids and contaminants away from the electronics that measure and transmit tire pressure and temperature. External wet-fit sensors can be mounted for pressure management as an option. A low-profile dry-fit sensor is available for installation in tubeless drop center wheels where liquid additives are not used. All sensor types are compatible with TyreSense receiver units, in-cab displays, handheld devices, radio repeaters, Sensor Buddy, and TyreSense software.

    TyreSense Internal Pressure and Temperature Sensor

    Patented and hermetically sealed sensor for use in wet-/dry-filled tire environments.

    Part numbers:

    • Wet External: TRS-SENSOR-DIA-EXT


    TyreSense Dry-Fit Sensor

    Dry fit sensor for use in tubeless drop center wheels 16 to 24.5 inches / 406 – 622mm in diameter where liquid additives are not used.

    Part number: TRS-SENSOR-DRY

    Complete technical specifications available to TyreSense customers by request.

  • Features

    Wheel sensor function
    Internal wheel sensors, mounted inside a tire, detect pressure and temperature for the tire chamber. The sensor transmits that data, plus sensor status information, to a receiver unit mounted in the vehicle. The receiver unit records and transmits the data to a TyreSense server.

    External wheel sensors, mounted on the outside of a tire, detect and transmit pressure and sensor status data only.

    Wheel sensor types


    The TRS-SENSOR-DIA/A internal sensor is a diaphragm-based wheel sensor designed for use in mining and off-the-road (OTR) applications and can be used either with or without liquid tire additives (wet or dry inflation). This sensor threads onto a TyreSense Magmount base, which is then adhered to the wheel or rim inside the inflation chamber.


    The TRS-SENSOR-DIA-EXT external sensor is a diaphragm-based wheel sensor that is mounted outside the tire inflation chamber. It is used to monitor tire pressure if there is no TyreSense wheel sensor installed inside the chamber, or if the internal wheel sensor is not transmitting.


    The TRS-SENSOR-DRY/A internal dry fit sensor is designed for use in smaller tires on tubeless drop-center wheels that are 16–24.5-in (406 – 62 2 mm) in diameter where liquid tire additives are not used. The dry fit sensor is suitable for service vehicles with rim diameters that require a low profile, light sensor. The dry fit sensor is mounted to the barrel of the wheel using a large diameter gear clamp.

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    TyreSense Dry-Fit Sensor

    TyreSense Product Catalogue

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    TyreSense Product Catalogue

    TyreSense Product Catalogue

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