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Inspection & Repair

With over 45 years of experience engineering and manufacturing wheels, RIMEX understands the importance of maintenance and inspection to ensure maximum safety and productivity.

Maintenance and Repair

Removal & Inspection
Of Wheels

Regular inspection and repair is critical to carrying on work without unexpected breakdowns or unscheduled interruptions, and RIMEX offers service that meets or exceeds the highest industry standards. Our customers are able to assess the long-term costs associated with every wheel in their fleet, evaluate the products they’re using and safeguard the health and well-being of their field personnel. We work closely with our clients to determine the optimum number of hours that wheels and rims should be in service before being tested, helping eliminate pre-emptive inspections and unnecessary equipment down time. 

RIMEX adheres to the industry-leading Australia Standard 4457.1 guidelines, which stipulate rigorous and consistent controls for the inspection, maintenance and repair of wheel and rim assemblies on earthmoving machinery. These are best practices that we’ve contributed to and have adopted worldwide for superior wheel and rim maintenance.

inspection & repair process


  • Visual inspection for mechanical and wear damage
  • Visual and dimensional inspection of inner and outer diameters
  • Removal of paint and corrosion through high-impact peening or blasting
  • Non-destructive testing to inspect and evaluate all wheel materials, components and integrated systems
  • Testing methods include magnetic particle inspection, Magna flux, X-ray, and ultrasound


  • Comprehensive report detailing all findings and highlighting areas of concern
  • Photographic evidence
  • Customer reviews report and approves any recommended work before repairs take place


  • Replacement of damaged or deteriorated section to OEM specifications or better, as authorized by customer
  • Painting of components to as-new quality with direct-to-metal coating with rust inhibitors to extend the life of the finish

don’t scrap it… repair it!

With rigorous and reliable inspection and repair procedures, RIMEX enables customers to carry on their work cycles and conduct business without interruptions or unplanned down time. The procedures are preventive, cost-effective and indispensable for workflow continuity, cost accountability, and safety of personnel.


Inspection & repair Locations Around
The World

With 19 locations in 9 countries on 5 continents, RIMEX is able to provide fast and convenient inspection and repair services worldwide



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  • The total elapsed time from the initial incident to restored service was just two hours. TyreSense and a quick-acting contractor preserved an expensive loader tire and minimized valuable down time.

    Loader Tire Saved
  • …if a truck is worth $1,200 to $1,500 per hour in operation, then the cost savings are approximately $1 million. Investing in the TyreSense TPMS quickly recoups its cost and realizes considerable savings into the future.

    Savings on Pressure Maintenance Checks
  • Analysis of standard maintenance and service tasks on the wheels revealed an impressive 43% time-saving for the RIMEX DGS/IGLR series. As well, the results of the testing pronounced RIMEX wheels 18% more efficient overall.

    Winning Wheels
  • The mine tire manager then turned to his RIMEX representative, who proposed an innovative solution to narrow the stock wheels. This strategy was agreed upon, and within three weeks the new wheels were delivered to the mine, at a dramatically lower cost of $19,966.00 per truck!

    Innovating and Saving
  • …all of our large rear dump trucks and loaders are fitted with TyreSense which has proven to be a very reliable system that gives good information and allows us to track tyre performance, extend tyre life and monitor circuit conditions.

    RIMEX Products Offer Value for the Money
  • We have now had TyreSense operational in the business for approximately four months and have seen lots of cost and safety advantages in our fleet.

    Australian Mine Increases Efficiency With TyreSense

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