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About TyreSense

real-time connection to tire conditions for improved performance

TyreSense is a comprehensive tire (tyre) pressure monitoring system (TPMS) designed for mining and industrial applications. Our system accurately and reliably records tire pressure and temperature measured by wheel-mounted sensors wirelessly connected to a Receiver or HUB controller. The controller sends data to a TyreSense server, which can then be accessed with any of our software applications (TS4 Web, TS3 Client). The TyreSense controller can also integrate with other in-vehicle systems via wired connections (CAN, TCP, RS232, etc.). Our complementary products round out our solution sets for both operator-controlled and/or autonomous earthmoving vehicles/machines. Multi-level temperature and pressure alert notifications are managed and delivered as:

  • SMS or WhatsApp messages to mobile phones;
  • Pop-up notifications on in-cab LCD displays;
  • Color-coded icons on client applications; and/or 
  • Operational ‘triggers’ to support a Trigger Action Response Plan (TARP) for autonomous fleets.

The TyreSense system supports effective wheel and tire management at all levels. Our innovative TPMS solutions are compatible with every tire manufacturer’s product, providing the flexibility for operators to choose the tires that work best for their sites, allowing the freedom to change at any point.

Our new TyreSense Asset Management system provides critical insights into the location, use, cost, and performance of assets over their entire lifecycle to support effective asset management for any size operation. A work order system captures common activities such as tire rotations, tire repair, and rim Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). Tire rotation and NDT schedules keep maintenance on track. Use built-in reports to track asset location as well as costs associated with purchase, repair, inspection, and testing activities. The insight that Asset Management provides into the lifecycle of your assets effectively supports planning and procurement activities as existing assets reach end-of-life.

Our dedicated RIMEX-TyreSense Services team installs, configures, and supports our software and hardware solutions at a global level. Our lifetime achievement in working with and assisting clients to maintain their operations is unmatched.

For more than 15 years, our dedicated TyreSense Research & Development team has developed and obtained intellectual property patents for our innovative sensor technology that has demonstrated the ability to withstand some of the most demanding environments.

TyreSense provides exceptional products and services that help our customers manage and maintain the performance and safety of wheels and tires in mining or industrial environments.

TyreSense Temperature and Pressure Management System


The TyreSense system aims at more than just tire monitoring; it manages and optimizes the data it generates to provide clients with system features that support effective decision-making to improve vehicle operational performance.

TyreSense TPMS uses actual data from the tire chamber detected by wheel sensors to determine when corrective action is required.

Independent heat studies demonstrate there is a significantly stronger correlation between the tire chamber temperature and the belt temperature, when compared to the TKPH model. Learn more about TMPS vs TKPH

TyreSense 4 Web (TS4) provides geofencing capabilities using GPS data and the area map to detect the presence of the vehicle within virtual perimeters on a work site. Geofenced areas can include speed zones, load and dump zones, and no-go zones. For example, when a vehicle crosses a geofenced boundary into a no-go zone, an alert is triggered to notify site managers and operators, who can then take action to maintain site safety. With the TPMS HUB controller, vehicle acceleration, bounce, turning, and braking movements can also be tracked with data from the the specially designed GPS-IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) component.

TyreSense Asset Management software uses a work order system to track activities such as tire rotation, inspection, and repair activities and provides reports on the location and condition of wheels, rims, and tires throughout their lifecycles with the added advantage of capturing operational pressure data together with measured tire tread wear. Tire rotation and rim Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) schedules help keep  critical maintenance activities on track.

TyreSense provides many interactive reports and diagnostic tools, including heat maps, haul cycles, and a variety of reports for pressure and temperature trends, system performance, and vehicle movement.

TyreSense products are designed, developed, and manufactured in Canada by a dedicated technical team who work together with clients, allowing us to improve products based on service inquiries and industry trends. Our comprehensive software provides everything needed to monitor entire fleets at single or multiple sites, as an integrated enterprise system through published application programming interfaces (APIs).

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