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  • Overview

    TyreSense Magmounts are designed to magnetically secure TyreSense sensors against the surface of steel wheels and rims inside the inflation chambers of off-the-road tire/wheel assemblies.

     Activated sensors are threaded onto the Magmount’s integral post and locked into place with the help of a eurethane O-ring installed on the post as well as by an application of LocTite™ thread sealer. The Magmount/sensor assembly is then magnetically affixed to the outside surface of the wheel or rim after the first tire bead has been installed. The second tire bead can then be installed thus encapsulating the sensor safely and securely inside the inflation chamber. Liquid additives can then be applied and the tire inflated. The sensor will then begin reporting real-time temperature and pressure conditions inside the tire chamber.

  • Specifications

    Item number: TRS-MAGMOUNT-RB

    TyreSense Magmount

    TyreSense Magmount

    Works with TyreSense internal wet inflation diaphragm sensor: TRS-SENSOR-DIA

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    TyreSense Product Catalogue

    TyreSense Product Catalogue

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