RIMEX specializes in the manufacture and supply of custom wheel and rim products for heavy industrial equipment, and offers a range of complementary tools and supplies to help fleet operators get the highest productivity from their fleets while ensuring the safety of their people.
  • TSR wheels
  • MES wheels
  • Lock Ring Support Stand
  • Mobile Press

Safety Is Our #1

Increased Wheel Life, Efficiency, and Dependability

RIMEX wheels outperform our competitors with stronger lock rings, heavier flanges and fully machined, precision gutter discs. The results are increased wheel life, efficiency and dependability. Our customers not only save time and money, but also ensure their operations are the most productive and safest possible.

To guarantee service and performance for years to come, RIMEX continues to work with leading tire manufacturers in perfecting wheel and rim designs for future success. And remember, we can custom manufacture wheels and rims to suit your specifications.

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