Customer driven. Proven performance. Superior manufacturing. Continuous innovation.


An industry leader for more than 40 years, RIMEX is recognized as the premier manufacturer and innovator of wheels and rims for the world’s most challenging industrial applications.

By focusing on the requirements of its customers, RIMEX builds custom solutions and specialized products ranging from the most advanced wheels and rims available to the TyreSense TPMS and peripheral technology system that sets new standards for tire monitoring and asset management. With sales and inspection/repair centers around the world and a track record second to none, RIMEX continues to serve as a trusted global partner to the industrial heavy equipment community.


Years in business


Locations in 9 countries on 5 continents


Employees worldwide


sq.ft. (27,313 m²) of Manufacturing Space


tons (7,257 tonnes) of Wheels, rims and components shipped each year


Years Providing TyreSense, the industry’s most trusted tire monitoring and asset management system


TyreSense TPMS systems operating in 70+ sites worldwide


TyreSense sensors produced since 2004


Wheel inspections / re-certifications performed each year

What We Do Well

Our Strength Is Our Ability To Change

Superior Manufacturing

The introduction of industrial radial tires has yielded tremendous design and performance benefits, and only RIMEX MES and TSR Series’ of rims and wheels are specifically designed to ensure top radial performance. The robust MES series easily absorbs the significant increase in stress transferred to the wheel and rim base by radial tires. In its state of the art manufacturing process, RIMEX custom machining achieves:
  • 100% round, stronger wheels and rims
  • Uniform tire bead seals
  • Superior flanges, bead seat bands and lock ring fitments
  • Higher safety factors
  • Longer lasting rims and tires

Evolving Innovation

RIMEX’s continual innovations are propelling wheel/rim technology into the future. The TSR Series provides extended rim life by virtually eliminating flange movement, and prolongs tire life by stabilizing the bead and sidewall of the tire. As with the MES Series, the machined surface of the TSR Series eliminates air leakage for more consistent tire performance, while retaining the strength and endurance in motion.

Minimal Maintenance

With the development of the MES and TSR Series, the past problems of rim failure and accessory stress are long forgotten. Reduced down time, lower maintenance costs and greater safety are just a few of the reasons why RIMEX products are leading the way for rims and wheels throughout the industrial world!

Proven Performance

RIMEX products have been thoroughly tested and proven unbeatable with major mining companies around the world. MES and TSR Series are deployed on entire fleets of haul trucks that need to meet high demands under challenging conditions.

Manufacturing Process

  • RIMEX headquarters and Manufacturing Facility
  • RIMEX Burn table - cutting steel plate into strips

    Burn table – cutting steel plate into strips

  • RIMEX burn table - cutting 90° edge for welding

    Burn table – cutting 90° edge for welding

  • RIMEX plate rolling

    Plate Rolling

  • RIMEX nibbler - welding edge preparation

    Nibbler – welding edge preparation

  • RIMEX welding preparation - tack welding assembly

    Welding preparation – tack welding assembly

  • RIMEX welding preparation - tack-welding assembly

    Welding preparation – tack-welding assembly

  • RIMEX submerged-arc welding - butt joint weld

    Submerged-arc welding – butt joint weld

  • RIMEX sub-arc welding pre-heat

    Submerged arc welding – pre-heat

  • RIMEX sub-arc welding pre-heat

    Submerged-arc welding – pre-heat

  • RIMEX grinding

    Burr Grinding

  • RIMEX burr grinding - hand-blending

    Burr grinding – hand-blending

  • RIMEX circumference welding - pre-heat

    Submerged-arc welding – circumference weld pre-heat

  • RIMEX submerged-arc welding - circumference weld

    Submerged-arc welding – circumference weld

  • RIMEX CNC machining - loading

    CNC machining – loading

  • RIMEX CNC machining

    CNC machining

  • RIMEX CNC machining - surfacing truly round

    CNC machining – surfacing truly round

  • RIMEX - drilling


  • RIMEX drilling - valve holes

    Drilling – valve holes

  • RIMEX paint preparation - loading wheel into Wheelabrador

    Paint preparation – loading wheel into Wheelabrador

  • RIMEX paint preparation - abrasion

    Paint preparation – abrasion

  • RIMEX paint preparation - unloading abraded wheel

    Paint preparation – unloading abraded wheel

  • RIMEX paint preparation - sealing non-painted surfaces

    Paint preparation – sealing non-painted surfaces

  • RIMEX paint booth

    Paint booth

  • RIMEX paint booth - loading

    Paint booth – loading

  • RIMEX shipping / receiving

    Shipping / Receiving

  • RIMEX shipping - loading

    Shipping – loading

  • RIMEX shipping - global logistics

    Shipping – global logistics

Reinventing the Wheel

Our History


Over 40 years ago, Chris Weston began his journey on the road to “Building Better Wheels”. With a stack of small wheels in the back of an old borrowed pickup truck and a desire to make a difference, Chris’ mission in 1976 was quite simply to give his customers what they wanted and needed. At first, he sold industrial wheels into British Columbia, Canada, for an American manufacturer. Soon it became clear that the wheels weren’t meeting the specialized requirements of his customers. Chris was a forward thinker and attuned to the changing marketplace – as mining trucks grew, the wheels had to be larger and stronger. He revolutionized the way wheels were manufactured by introducing the practice of fully machining the critical components that make up a wheel. This innovative style of manufacturing produced wheels that were stronger than any others on the market and could stand up to the extreme stresses being put on them by larger earth moving equipment and new tire technologies. Chris’s early efforts and hard work were not without setbacks and jogs in the road, but after 10 years immersed in the business, building a reputation from quality and growing his relationships with mining companies, he put everything on the line and opened a manufacturing facility in Surrey, British Columbia. As the demand and the size of vehicles continued to grow, so did RIMEX and its product offerings.


In 1986, Chris expanded the RIMEX manufacturing facility to 30,000 square feet, and in 1988 he opened two distribution offices in the United States. By 1990, Chris realized the company could grow even further, which led to expansions into Indonesia, South America, South Africa and Australia. Market diversification and the ability to create custom wheels based on the individual requirements of the customers has always been key to RIMEX’s success.


  • Phoenix, AZ, USA branch opened.
  • Edmonton, AB, Canada branch opened.
  • 1995

    As the mining industry embraced RIMEX, market share continued to grow and so did Chris’s passion for expanding the business. In 1995, RIMEX swung open the door to China. That same year marked a major expansion at home, with both a warehouse and corporate office in Surrey. In order to keep up with the increasing demand for quality wheels, a new 40,000 square foot manufacturing plant was built in Agassiz, British Columbia in 1999. Continued success fueled deals with original equipment truck manufacturers and new sales outlets across the Canadian prairie provinces.

    New location
  • Saskatoon, SK, Canada branch opened (pictured).
  • Perth, WA, Australia branch opened.
  • Expansion into Chile, South America


  • Mackay, QLD, Australia branch opened
  • 1997

  • Built 40,000 sq ft / 3,716 ㎡ manufacturing facility in Agassiz, BC, Canada
  • Expansion in Australia
    Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia branch opened in 1998.
    New manufacturing facility
    Opened manfucaturing facility in Zhenjiang, China in 1999
    development of TyreSense TPMS in 1999


  • Balikpapan, Indonesia branch opened
  • new location

    Bristol, VA, USA branch opened in 2001

    new manufacturing facility
    Opened manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China; expanded into Singapore in 2005


    Built new facility in Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia
    new facility
    Built new facility in Acheson, AB, Canada in 2008
    addition to manufacturing space; new facilities
    2009: Additional 68,000 sq ft / 6,317 ㎡ of manufacturing and 80,000 sq ft / 7,432 ㎡ of warehouse added to Agassize, BC, Canada facility. Built new facility in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Built a new facility in Mackay, QLD, Australia.


    2013: Completed final expansion in Agassiz, BC, Canada to 188,000 sq ft / 17,466 ㎡ of manufacturing and warehousing. Newman, WA, Australia branch opened. Mt Isa, QLD, Australia branch opened. TyreSense office opened in Victoria, BC, Canada.


  • Milton, ON, Canada branch opened.
  • Acquired RIMTEC Australia
  • 2016

  • Built new facility in Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Gillette, WY, USA branch opened
  • Elko, NV, USA branch opened, USA
  • 2017

  • Built new facility in Mackay, QLD, Australia
  • Built new facility in Bristol, VA
  • 2019

  • New 110,000 sq ft / 10,219 m2 head office and manufacturing facility opened in Langley, BC, Canada
  • 2020

  • New TyreSense sensor manufacturing facility opened in Langley, BC, Canada
  • 2021

    Over the past twenty years, RIMEX has evolved into more than just a wheels-and-rims enterprise. An area in which the company now leads is temperature and pressure monitoring inside tires, developing best-in-class technology to protect and preserve a safe, stable internal wheel environment. But RIMEX’s TyreSense system aims not just to perfect tire monitoring; it optimizes data for the most advanced overall asset and fleet management system possible. RIMEX’s expansion and global reach has continued year after year, growing to over 500,000 square feet worldwide. Notably, the Agassiz facility was awarded the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence in British Columbia, Canada in 2015. Going further to streamline operations, RIMEX has adopted the industry-leading Lean formula to eliminate inefficient practices and excel at the essentials.
    • …if a truck is worth $1,200 to $1,500 per hour in operation, then the cost savings are approximately $1 million. Investing in the TyreSense TPMS quickly recoups its cost and realizes considerable savings into the future.

      Savings on Pressure Maintenance Checks
    • The total elapsed time from the initial incident to restored service was just two hours. TyreSense and a quick-acting contractor preserved an expensive loader tire and minimized valuable down time.

      Loader Tire Saved
    • We have now had TyreSense operational in the business for approximately four months and have seen lots of cost and safety advantages in our fleet.

      Australian Mine Increases Efficiency With TyreSense
    • The mine tire manager then turned to his RIMEX representative, who proposed an innovative solution to narrow the stock wheels. This strategy was agreed upon, and within three weeks the new wheels were delivered to the mine, at a dramatically lower cost of $19,966.00 per truck!

      Innovating and Saving
    • Analysis of standard maintenance and service tasks on the wheels revealed an impressive 43% time-saving for the RIMEX DGS/IGLR series. As well, the results of the testing pronounced RIMEX wheels 18% more efficient overall.

      Winning Wheels
    • …all of our large rear dump trucks and loaders are fitted with TyreSense which has proven to be a very reliable system that gives good information and allows us to track tyre performance, extend tyre life and monitor circuit conditions.

      RIMEX Products Offer Value for the Money