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TPMS Controllers

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  • Overview

    All TyreSense controller units are designed and cerified to handle the extreme operating environments and varying communication requirements encountered on mining and industrial sites around the world.

    • Rugged materials and construction ensure durability.
    • Compact design allows the units to be installed in the limited spaces of the vehicle cab or control cabinet.
    • Multiple connectivity options ensure compatibility with site communication networks.
  • GEN4 HUB

    For a full list of all the features and benefits of the HUB, click here: TPMS HUB Controller brochure.

    The TPMS HUB Controller provides all the functionality of the TPMS Receiver with the addition of exciting new features and improvements:

    • A single model provides both cellular and ethernet connectivity options.
    • A new Inertial Measure Unit (IMU) improves GPS position reporting and detects acceleration, deceleration, body roll, and turns. This data can be used to identify road conditions such as potholes, hard turns, and braking. For features and benefits, click here: HUB Controller MotionSense. For full details, read the white paper: HUB MotionSense Overview
    • Expanded connectivity options provides enhanced functionality, including CAN bus interface capability and additional digital and analog ports.
    • Improved GPS data signal reception and higher resolution logging provide more accurate position tracking and speed calculation.
    • Smart power management and smooth shut down protocols ensure vital sensor data is not lost if power to the unit is interrupted.
    • All connection ports are located on one side of the unit for easy installation and connection.
    • LED status indicators for all essential components/services are located on the top of the unit for visibility.
    • A retrofit connection kit allows the HUB to replace existing GEN3 Receiver unit installations easily.

    The HUB pairs best with TS4 Web software, which optimizes the HUB’s unique features and data.

  • GEN3 Receiver

    • The TPMS Receiver is available in two models: Cellular network and Ethernet.
    • Both reliably capture and transmit data received from wheel sensors installed inside tires to the TyreSense server.
    • The GPS module allows the TyreSense system to track unit location and movement.
    • Built-in flash memory logs data and an internal system clock ensure accurate date and time stamping.
    • A USB port and Bluetooth connectivity allow operators to connect directly to the unit to retrieve data logs with devices equipped with a TyreSense client application, such as a laptop, tablet, or the TyreSense Handheld Device.
    • An auxiliary serial port allows the unit to connect to third-party fleet management systems.
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    TyreSense TPMS HUB Controller

    TyreSense TPMS HUB Controller MotionSense

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