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TyreSense Industrial Kit

Industrial kits are available for all types of wheeled vehicles in use at industrial sites including, but not limited to, port operations, quarries, forestry sites, and more. These kits provide an economic technology solution that offers core TPMS tracking and reporting functionality.

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  • Overview

    The TyreSense Industrial Kit is a streamlined version of our TPMS system that can be provided using a feature-locked GEN3 Receiver, or available under limited warranty terms. This solution represents an economic TPMS solution that can be connected directly to the server by cellular network  or Ethernet, or with a TPMS Gateway link via dedicated client communication networks. Our range of comprehensive product accessories make it easy to customize the industrial system to suit each tire service operation.

    Each TyreSense Industrial Kit includes the following components:

    TyreSense Receiver Unit

    The compact Receiver unit installs in tight locations and its rugged design ensures durability. The unit has built-in flash memory for data logging, plus an internal system clock to ensure accurate date and time stamping. Data logs can be retrieved at any time through the TyreSense Handheld Device via Class 1 Bluetooth, or by connecting directly to the unit at its USB port.

    TyreSense Client Software

    Every TyreSense Industrial Kit comes equipped with TyreSense TS3 Client software. Alternatively, the software application and free updates can be downloaded directly from the TyreSense Client Portal.

    Optional TyreSense In-Cab Display

    The TyreSense In-cab Display is an optional and powerful component for industrial applications. The addition of an In-Cab Display Unit gives vehicle operators real-time visibility into critical tire data and alerts so they can take immediate action to avoid costly and dangerous tire conditions.

    See also In-Cab Display.

  • Hardware Solutions

    Gen3 Receiver: Standard, Feature-Locked, or Recertified (Standard)


    • Choice of cellular or Ethernet equipped units
    • GPS
    • Bluetooth
    • Built-in data storage
    • Designed and certified for industrial environments

    Choose from:

    • Feature-locked GEN3 Receiver
      • Cellular or Ethernet communication
      • GPS location-based tracking feature and fleet management/system integration feature
    • Recertified GEN3 Receiver: Ask us about availability

    TPMS Gateway: The Gateway acts as a Bluetooth hot spot that collects data from vehicle units and uploads that data to the server via the site’s local area network.

    See also TPMS Gateway sell sheet.


    See also Sensors.

  • Software Solutions

    TyreSense offers software solutions for operations of all sizes and types from single operator-controlled vehicles to large autonomous fleets.

    1. TS3 Client
    2. TS4 Web with Asset Management

    TS3 Client

    All TyreSense solution kits come equipped with TS3 Client, a client application for anywhere operation that is available on the TyreSense hosted server and can be installed locally on a client’s on-site server.


    • Alerts
      • Temperature and pressure alerts configured at the individual vehicle level.
      • Supports generic or vehicle-specific configuration files for importing and exporting settings.
    • Logging
      • Event logs and graphs for tire position data.
    • Mobile app
      • Client-based app available for Windows Mobile.
    • Security
      • Local installation provides the ability to connect directly to controllers installed on vehicles without network connectivity.
      • Site operators control installations and distribution/updates.
      • All communication between TyreSense receiver and server is initiated by the  receiver.
      • TyreSense is contained within the site operator’s own network with no external access in or out.
    • Support Documentation
      • Guide documents in PDF, print, and PowerPoint formats available.

    TS4 Web with Asset Management

    TS4 Web offers all the functionality of the TS3 client application plus geofencing and additional reporting, notification, and diagnostic tools.

    TyreSense Asset Management allows sites to manage and maintain the service life and performance of critical assets with a customer-driven solution developed for tire bay services.

    • Proactively manage assets to maximize performance.
    • Compare assets including brands to identify the most suitable products for the application.
    • Project asset costs for accurate budgeting.
    • Schedule maintenance of critical assets to prevent unscheduled downtime.
    • Plan for and manage procurement of replacement assets at end-of-life.
    • Adhere to international tire and rim standards, and be provided as a tire bay service.

    See also Asset Management brochure

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    TyreSense Asset Management

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