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  • Overview

    The TyreSense Industrial Kit is a streamlined version of the mining product, employing the same strength and durability TyreSense is known for. Our range of comprehensive tools and accessories make it easy to customize the system to suit each operations requirements.

    Each TyreSense Industrial Kit includes the following components:

    TyreSense Receiver Unit

    TyreSense Receiver Unit

    The compact Receiver Unit installs in tight locations and its rugged design ensures durability. The unit has built-in flash memory for data logging, plus an internal system clock to ensure accurate date and time stamping. Datalogs can be retrieved at any time through the Handheld via Class 1 Bluetooth, or by direct-connect through USB.

    TyreSense Wheel Sensors

    TyreSense Wheel Sensors

    Industrial Kits are available with sensors for either four or six wheel positions. Additional sensors can be purchased at any time by contacting your TyreSense representative or local RIMEX office. TyreSense wheel sensors perform scans of tire temperature and pressure up to once every second, transmitting data to the installed Receiver Unit. All sensors are extremely precise, calculating tire pressure readings within 2% of actual values. They are the only completely liquid-proof sensors in the industry, providing unparalleled longevity and durability in wet-filled or dry-filled tire environments. TyreSense wheel sensors come with a one-year warranty from RIMEX and are successfully operating in over 10,000 tire positions worldwide.

    TyreSense Client Software

    Every TyreSense Industrial Kit comes equipped with TyreSense Client 3 software. Alternatively, the software and free updates can be downloaded directly from the TyreSense Client Portal.

    Optional TyreSense In-Cab Display

    TyreSense LED In-Cab Display

    The Tyresense In-cab Display is an optional and powerful component for industrial applications. Drivers can monitor real-time temperature and pressure values for every tire on their vehicles.  Alerts on the display can be customized to issue visual or audible notifications when tires are running outside optimal levels. The display is indispensable whenever site command centers want their drivers to assume the responsibility for tire monitoring.

  • Specifications

    TyreSense Industrial Kits

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    • 4 Position Kit: TRS-KIT-4POS-TSL
    • 6 Position Kit: TRS-KIT-6POS-TSL
    • Receiver Replacement Only: TRS-TSL-BB
    Part NumberDescription
    TRS-TSL-BBTyreSense Industrial ReceiverTyreSense Generation 3 Cellular Receiver
    TRS-ANTENNA-CELLTyreSense Cellular AntennaTyreSense Cellular Antenna, with 17 foot Cable
    TRS-SENSOR-DIATyreSense Internal Pressure/Temperature SensorsTyreSense Internal Pressure/Temperature Sensors
    TRS-MAGMOUNTTyreSense MagmountsTyreSense Magmounts
    TRS-POWERCORD-M10 foot Power-cord with a Metal Connector10 foot Power-cord with a Metal Connector
    TRS-ANTENNARF Receiving AntennaRF Receiving Antenna, with 25 foot Cable

  • Features

    Proven performance… trusted technology

    The majority of tire problems experienced by fleets are due to improper inflation.
    Avoid premature tire failures and maximize performance with TyreSense by RIMEX, the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) trusted by mining operations around the world. Designed, produced and manufactured in Canada, TyreSense withstands the world’s harshest conditions while improving safety and productivity on every site.

    The comprehensive TyreSense system integrates tire pressure monitoring into your everyday operations.

    Heightened PRODUCTIVITY

    Spend more time in operation by reducing tire failures and performing routine tire
    maintenance procedures more efficiently.


    Up-to-the-second tire data helps you avoid premature tire failures and remote
    configuration capabilities keeps personnel a safe distance from equipment.


    Ensure your readings are always correct with continuous, automated pressure scans that eliminate the possibility of human error and induced valve core leaks.

    Increased Profit

    Early detection of tire problems increases vehicle availability and reduces the amount of money spent on tire replacements and maintenance procedures.

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    TyreSense Product Catalogue

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