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IDX: Inflation and Deflation System

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  • Overview

    Reduce vehicle down-time while airing up safely with TyreSense IDX – the fast and safe inflation and deflation system by the makers of TyreSense.

    Pneumatic Assembly Control Box

    Correct tire inflation pressure plays a critical role in the performance and life of OTR tires. RIMEX designed the IDX system to be a safe and fast way to accurately inflate and deflate OTR tires. Durably built and weather-resistant, the IDX can be mounted on a tire bay wall, on a mobile cart, or on service vehicles.

    Inflation/deflation options—IDX has three operating methods:

    • TyreSense Sensor: Control inflation or deflation with configured settings based on internal wheel sensor readings.
    • Sensor Override: Use time-based automatic inflation or deflation to override wheel sensors.
    • Manual: Start and stop inflation or deflation at any point to manually trim pressures.

    Shut-off options: IDX has two automatic shut-off methods for inflation and deflation:

    • Gauge’ when the sensor data matches the preset gauge pressure, the IDX shuts off.
    • Smart’ the IDX calculates the shut-off time based on the current rate of inflation/deflation. This option eliminates any chance of over or under inflation due to sensor data lag.
  • Features


    • Keeps personnel at a safe distance from the potential hazard zone, using remote operating controls.


    • No need to stop the air flow and perform manual pressure checks, as temperature and pressure are continually monitored by the TyreSense wheel sensor.


    • Inflate tires to the desired operating or storage pressure.


    • Time-based inflation settings: IDX works perfectly well without TyreSense wheel sensors.
    • Weather-resistant: IDX can be mounted to the shop wall, on a mobile cart, or on a service vehicle.
    • Customizable: IDX has 32 unique preset groups, each with settings for cold inflation pressure, gauge pressure and time-based inflation.
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    IDX Inflation and Deflation System

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    TyreSense Product Catalogue

    TyreSense Product Catalogue

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