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TyreSense Mining Kit

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  • Overview

    TyreSense is a comprehensive tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) integrated into mining operations around the world. The mining system is both durable and comprehensive, allowing for monitoring during vehicle operation and eliminating manual pressure checks. Monitoring and analysis software can be used to detect slow leaks, make comparisons between tires, and avoid unsafe tire temperature and pressure levels. Our range of comprehensive products make it easy to customize the system to suit each operations requirements.

    The TyreSense Mining Kit can be easily customized to suit the requirements for open pit or underground mining operations. Contact a TyreSense Specialist today for more information.

    Each TyreSense Mining Kit contains the following components:

    TyreSense Controllers

    The compact controller units install in tight locations and their rugged designs ensure durability. The controllers offer a variety of connectivity options including Ethernet, Cellular, serial ports, and Bluetooth for wireless communication with devices such as the optional TyreSense Handheld Device. The TPMS HUB controller has a 40-pin Deutsch-connector that supports integration with third-party vehicle management systems via the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, and/or other custom connectivity solutions. The controller’s GPS capabilities provide vehicle information, including location, speed, and distance traveled. Satellite and mine site maps provide detailed information about event locations. TPMS HUB controller units feature combined GPS and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) for detecting vertical/lateral forces associated with vehicle acceleration/deceleration and cornering events. All units have built-in flash memory for data logging plus an internal system clock to ensure accurate date and time stamping. Data logs can be retrieved at any time through the TyreSense server, through the Handheld Device via Bluetooth, or by direct connection via USB. Newly released (GEN4) TPMS HUB controller units are fully compatible with existing TyreSense products (GEN3, In-Cab Display Unit, etc.) and systems currently installed in earthmoving vehicles, eliminating the need to replace existing components, accessories, or solutions.

    TyreSense Wheel Sensors

    Mining Kits are available with sensors for either 4, 6, or 12 wheel position templates. Additional sensors can be purchased at any time by contacting your TyreSense representative or local RIMEX office. TyreSense wheel sensors measure tire temperature and pressure up to once every second, transmitting data to the installed TPMS controller. All sensors are precise, calculating tire pressure readings within 2% of actual values. They are the only patented liquid-proof (wet) sensors in the industry, providing unparalleled longevity and durability in wet-filled or dry-filled tire environments. TyreSense wheel sensors come with a one-year warranty from RIMEX and are currently operating in more than 10,000 tire positions worldwide.

    TyreSense Software

    Multiple software options are available, including TyreSense 4 Web (TS4 Web), TyreSense Asset Management (TS AM), and TyreSense 3 Client (TS3 Client). Every TyreSense Mining Kit includes access to TS3 Client and TS4 Web software. TS3 Client can be downloaded directly from the TyreSense Client Portal. TS4 Web and TS Asset Management are cloud-based applications that provides additional features and improved functionality and can be accessed through most standard internet browsers.

  • Hardware Solutions

    TPMS Controllers

    • Equipped with both 4G cellular and Ethernet connectivity for maximum flexibility (single- and dual-connectivity options)
    • Designed to integrate easily with other in-vehicle systems for both autonomous and operator-controller vehicles
    • Combined advanced GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for detection of location and vertical/lateral forces
    • Expanded system integration capability with 40-pin connector for custom connectivity solutions, including a dedicated CAN bus connector
    • Expanded on-board data storage for tracking vehicle event data
    • Reliable power management with controlled power-down and event log entry in case of power interruptions
    • Designed and independently certified for mining environments

    See also TPMS HUB Controller brochure.


    • Suitable for autonomous or operator-controlled vehicles
    • Offers limited in-vehicle connectivity via system integration
    • Choice of cellular or Ethernet equipped units  for transmission of data to server
    • GPS for vehicle location tracking
    • RF data capabilities to connect to sensors via a dedicated radio frequency
    • Bluetooth capabilities provide connectivity to  Bluetooth equipped devices (laptop/tablets/etc.) for configuration and data retrieval
    • Built-in data storage for tracking core event data
    • Designed and certified for mining environments – contact us for a list of completed certifications

    See also Controllers.


    See also Sensors

    Optional TyreSense In-Cab LCD Display

    The TyreSense In-Cab LCD Display is an optional and powerful component for operator-controlled vehicles since it allows operators/drivers to monitor the real-time temperature and pressure values for every tire on a display screen. Alerts on the LCD display can also be customized to issue visual or audible notifications when tires are running outside optimal levels. The display is indispensable whenever site command centers want their drivers to assume the responsibility for tire monitoring.

    See also In-Cab Display


    Mining kits are available for vehicles with 4, 6, and 12 wheels positions, and include the following options:


    The following controller options are available:

    • TPMS HUB controller with various installation kit options:
      • Standard connection kit (new installations) 
      • Retrofit kit (to replace TPMS GEN3 Receiver units)
      • CAN connector
    • TPMS Receiver Cellular
    • TPMS Receiver  Ethernet


    The following wheel sensor options are available:

    • Internal wet inflation wheel sensors
    • Internal dry inflation wheel sensors
    • External sensors

    Antennas and Cables

    All antennas and cables necessary to install and activate the kit with the chosen connectivity solution(s) are included.

    Refer to our catalogue for kit details.

    A range of optional complementary products are also available.

    See all TyreSense Products.

  • Software Solutions

    TyreSense offers software solutions for operations of all sizes and types from single operator-controlled vehicles to large autonomous fleets.

    1. TS4 Web
    2. TS Asset Management
    3. TS3 Client

    TS4 Web
    • Web-based application runs in most current web browsers.
      • Broad accessibility and compatibility.
      • Connect from any web-enabled device.
      • Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform with 99.95% uptime guarantee with downtime credits provided via SLA.
      • Easy to use interface provides a  seamless transition from TS3 to TS4.
    • Geofencing
      • Speed monitored zones: TS4 sends an alert if a vehicle exceeds a defined speed limit in a designated geofence zone defined in locations such as an intersection, ramp, or corner.
      • Mobile zones follow loader positions when activated TyreSense sensors are installed in loader tires.
      • Load and dump zones for haul cycle tracking allow monitoring of tire life over time by tracking tonnage during haul cycles.
      • Maintenance and Park zones: Ts4 stops sending alerts when trucks enter designated zones and automatically resume sending when trucks return to active service.
      • Compatible with all web mapping services or customer supplied map data.
    • Alerts
      • Consolidated settings for groups of vehicles or entire fleet.
      • Complete event cycle tracking. KPI tracking of alert frequency and duration, response times, actions, and more.
      • Alert elevation if issue is not acknowledged or resolved in a timely manner.
      • Each site can customize alert processes to closely match existing operating procedures.
    • Heat Maps
      • Visually identify GPS signal quality, cell strength, cell coverage and other user-defined areas on pre-configured or user’s own uploaded site maps.
    • Reports
      • Create on-demand and scheduled reports.
      • Automatically email scheduled reports to target recipients in Excel and PDF formats.
      • Select from pre-defined wheel data, vehicle operations, and system performance reports.
      • Click key data fields to open the integrated Log Inspector for more detailed analysis.
      • Export report and log data to Excel format.
    • Logging
      • All data points are stored in a database. Custom real-time generation of any logged values and events. Supports SQL database routines and queries.
    • Support Documentation
      • Comprehensive online help system and instructional videos are available.
    • Mobile App
      • Android and iOS apps for real-time alert notifications and acknowledgements.
      • Closed-loop push notifications reduce chance of missed alerts.
    • Security
      • Private cloud available.
      • All communication between TyreSense controller units and server is initiated by the controllers.
      • No inbound firewall rules required for straightforward setup.
      • A single outbound firewall rule to TyreSense server limits customer to external threat exposure.
      • Group based user permission model provides comprehensive control over individual access levels and roles.
      • Client based rules trickle down to area and user for easy management.

    See also TyreSense 4 brochure

      TS4 Asset Management

      Manage and maintain the service life and performance of critical assets with TyreSense Asset Management, a customer-driven solution developed for tire bay services.

      • Proactively manage assets to maximize performance.
      • Compare assets including brands to identify the most suitable products for the application.
      • Project asset costs for accurate budgeting.
      • Schedule maintenance of critical assets to prevent unscheduled downtime.
      • Plan for and manage procurement of replacement assets at end-of-life.
      • Adhere to Australian tire and rim standards, and be provided as a tire bay service managed by TyreSense personnel.

      See also Asset Management brochure

      TS3 Client

      All TyreSense Mining Kits come equipped with TS3 Client, a client application for anywhere operation that is available via the TyreSense hosted server or  installed locally on a client’s own server.


      • Alerts
        • Temperature and pressure alerts configured at the individual vehicle level.
        • Supports generic or vehicle-specific configuration files for importing and exporting settings.
      • Logging
        • Event logs and graphs for tire position data.
      • Mobile app
        • Client-based app available for Windows Mobile.
      • Security
        • Local installation with the ability to direct connect to trucks without network connectivity.
        • Site operators control installations and distribution/updates.
        • All communication between TyreSense receiver and server is initiated by receiver.
        • TyreSense is contained within site operator’s own network with no external access in or out.
      • Support Documentation
        • Guide documents in PDF, print, and PowerPoint formats available.
    • Gallery

    • Brochures

      TyreSense Mining Solutions

      TyreSense Mining Solutions

      TyreSense TPMS HUB Controller

      TyreSense 4

      TyreSense Asset Management

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      TyreSense Product Catalogue

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