Stay connected to the operating conditions inside your tires with TyreSense, the most trusted temperature and pressure monitoring system since 1999

Designed + Developed in-house by RIMEX

Real-Time Tire Pressure And Temperature Monitoring

TyreSense is a tire pressure and temperature monitoring system (TPMS) designed for mining and industrial operations of all sizes from single vehicles to large fleets. Our range of comprehensive tools and accessories make it easy to manage every aspect of tire monitoring across your entire site, from third-party fleet management integration and Bluetooth compatibility, to advanced event monitoring and colour-coded operator alerts.

The TyreSense system is easy to set up, easy to use, and provides everything you need for effective tire management. Our innovative TPMS is compatible with every tire manufacturer’s product, giving you the flexibility to choose the tires that work best for your site and the freedom to change at any point.

TyreSense is fully designed, developed, and manufactured in-house by experienced RIMEX staff who stay closely connected to our clients and their needs. This flexibility allows us to adapt and respond quickly to all customer requirements. Our comprehensive software provides everything you need to monitor your entire fleet, ensuring you’re always in touch.

  • TyreSense trusted pressure  and temperature monitoring since 1999
  • 300,000+ sensors shipped; 3,700+ vehicles operating with TyreSense in 70+ sites worldwide

Made In Canada

Tyresense Features

Actual Data

TyreSense uses actual data from the internal tire sensor readings to determine when corrective action is required. Studies demonstrate a stronger correlation between the tire chamber temperature and the belt temperature than the TKPH model. To find out more about TPMS versus TKPH, click here.

Magmount Technology

Magmount technology allows sensors to be securely mounted to wheel rims by magnetic force, eliminating unreliable patches glued inside the tires.

Inflation and Deflation System

The IDX: Inflation and Deflation System rapidly delivers uninterrupted air flow, governed by precise and continuous data from the wheel sensor. This significantly reduces the downtime demanded by mechanical or manual airing up. The station also enables preset and remote controls, keeping personnel a safe distance from potential hazard zones.

Global Positioning System

Geo-Fencing capabilities using a Global Positioning System (GPS) that defines virtual perimeters at work sites. Such geo-fenced areas include speed zones, loading/unloading zones and no-go zones. If a vehicle crosses over a geo-fence boundary, an alert can be triggered and elicit a response to maintain the safety of the site.

  • …all of our large rear dump trucks and loaders are fitted with TyreSense which has proven to be a very reliable system that gives good information and allows us to track tyre performance, extend tyre life and monitor circuit conditions.

    RIMEX Products Offer Value for the Money
  • …if a truck is worth $1,200 to $1,500 per hour in operation, then the cost savings are approximately $1 million. Investing in the TyreSense TPMS quickly recoups its cost and realizes considerable savings into the future.

    Savings on Pressure Maintenance Checks
  • Analysis of standard maintenance and service tasks on the wheels revealed an impressive 43% time-saving for the RIMEX DGS/IGLR series. As well, the results of the testing pronounced RIMEX wheels 18% more efficient overall.

    Winning Wheels
  • The mine tire manager then turned to his RIMEX representative, who proposed an innovative solution to narrow the stock wheels. This strategy was agreed upon, and within three weeks the new wheels were delivered to the mine, at a dramatically lower cost of $19,966.00 per truck!

    Innovating and Saving
  • The total elapsed time from the initial incident to restored service was just two hours. TyreSense and a quick-acting contractor preserved an expensive loader tire and minimized valuable down time.

    Loader Tire Saved
  • We have now had TyreSense operational in the business for approximately four months and have seen lots of cost and safety advantages in our fleet.

    Australian Mine Increases Efficiency With TyreSense

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