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In-Cab Display

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  • Overview

    TyreSense In-Cab Display
    LCD Unit

    The in-cab display unit is an optional device that mounts in the cabin of a vehicle. An LCD converter is required when connecting to Gen3 Receiver units. No converter is required when connecting to Gen4 HUB.


    The display shows real-time temperature and pressure values received from wheel sensors for each wheel position that has been programmed into the receiver unit. The display can be con-figured to provide visual and audible alert notifications when detected pressure and temperature values exceed configured alert levels. It also provides sensor and network status information. The vehicle operator can also use the display unit to configure specific settings on the receiver unit (if permitted).

  • Specifications

    TyreSense In-Cab Display
    Item number: TRS-DISPLAY-LCD

    TyreSense LCD Converter
    Item number: TRS-CONVERTER-LCD
  • Features

    The in-cab display unit can be used to perform the following functions on the receiver unit:

    • Monitor wheel sensor data
    • Acknowledge alerts
    • Change how information is displayed (units and language)
    • Change tire settings
    • Change system settings
    • Program wheel sensor data
    • Monitor system status

    Tire Settings and System Settings can be protected by a PIN code, which must be entered after system start up and periodically thereafter.

    Refer to the In-Cab Display Unit User Guide for detailed instructions on setting up and using the In-Cab LCD Display Unit and Converter (where required).

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    TyreSense Product Catalogue

    TyreSense Product Catalogue

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