Underground Mining Wheels

RIMEX offers a wide variety of upgrades to industry standard and OEM wheels for underground mining applications. These upgrades include stronger lock rings, heavier flanges and fully machined gutter discs delivering longer wheel life and improved performance.

To ensure wheels and rims operating underground are safe and fit for service RIMEX has:

RIMEX exclusve ‘I’ Style Lock Ring
MES/I 20” – 24” Cannot be mis-mounted
Integral Gutter Disc
RIMEX 5 piece
MES/EM 25” – 29”
Redesigned the profile of the industry standard “WI” style 20” and 24” lock ring such that it cannot be mis-mounted onto the wheel base. The result is safer and easier fitment.
Eliminated welds by utilizing an Integral Gutter Disc, creating a single piece gutter section and mounting disc. refer fig. 2

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IGLR Style Undergrounding Mining Wheel

Introduced the Integral Gutter Lock Ring (IGLR) concept for larger underground LHDs allowing pre-mounting of tires onto wheel components which dramatically reduces equipment downtime due to tire changes. refer fig. 3
Developed recertification facilities to ensure wheels are tested on a regular basis and are fit for service.