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  • Overview

    TyreSense Handheld

    The Handheld Device is a rugged field PC with a powerful Bluetooth radio that connects to vehicles at distances up to 100 m (300 ft). Equipped with TyreSense Mobile software, the Handheld provides detailed vehicle information for any active sensor within range. The device permits remote vehicle configurations in the field, identification of alerts, and monitorings of changes in temperature and pressure during manual pressure checks.

  • Specifications

    TyreSense X8 rugged handheld device

    TyreSense X8 rugged handheld device – item number: TRS-HANDHELD

    TyreSEnse handheld replacement battery

    TyreSense X8 replacement battery – item number: TRS-HANDHELD-BATTERY

    sold separately

    TyreSense handheld protective cover

    TyreSense X8 protective film – item number: TRS-HANDHELD-COVER

    sold separately

  • Features

    The TyreSense Handheld Device, with TyreSense Mobile software, connects to available receiver units with Bluetooth and allows users to do the following:

    • View vehicle status and real-time data
    • Synchronize datalogs
    • View system information for the TyreSense Mobile application and the receiver unit that is connected
    • Configure application and system settings
    • Update the firmware on receiver units
    • Use Correlation Calculator and Sensor Tracker tools

    Refer to the Handheld Device Condensed User Guide for information about performing the most common tasks required on site.

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    TyreSense Product Catalogue

    TyreSense Product Catalogue

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