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Rim Transport Pallet

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  • Overview

    For safe loading, transportation and handling of heavy rims, wheels, and components from 49” – 63” in diameter RIMEX offers the Steel Transportation Pallet. Featuring corner mounted pads with catches for cylindrical shaped steel rims and wheels this pallet can be safely loaded with up to 11,000 lbs / 5,000 kg of cargo. Designed to be vertically stackable the pallet’s top and bottom pads neatly fit together for transporting wheels and rims in a stacked configuration, as well as for storage of multiple pallets when not in use.

    Choose RIMEX’s Steel Transportation Pallet for the safest, most effective means of loading, handling and transporting heavy steel wheels and rims for your operation.

  • Specifications

    Item Number: 783-000-0002

    • Certified Load Capacity: 11,023 lbs / 5,000 kg
    • For Rims/Wheels: 49” – 63” / 1244 – 1524mm in diameter
    • Dimensions: 50” x 50” x 16.52” / 1270mm x 1270mm x 419mm
  • Features

    Designed specifically for transporting steel rims, wheels, side rings, lock rings, and associated components used on heavy machinery, this transportation pallet is fabricated from high strength steel that meets or exceeds Canadian and Australian standards for tensile strength and mechanical properties. All welds are performed and inspected in accordance with Canadian and Australian standards for the welding of steel structures.

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    Rim Transportation Pallet

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