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Scrap it or Repair it? US mine saves $50,000!

Scrap it or Repair it? US mine saves $50,000!

Posted by John Driver

Could there be gold in your wheel scrap pile? RIMEX Repair Experts think so.

During a recent visit to a mine in Nevada, a RIMEX Wheel Expert discovered 20 wheels that had been inspected and deemed unrepairable, in the mines scrap metal pile. The wheels were sent to RIMEX’s Wyoming repair center and 15 of the 20 were returned to service, saving the mine $50,000.

It is a common misconception that once a wheel or its components are damaged, the wheel should be scrapped. In actuality, a qualified repair center can perform Non Destructive Testing (NDT) to determine if the components can be replaced, allowing the wheel to return to service.

Australia is leading the world in wheel repair, since the implementation of the Australian Standard 4457.1 guidelines, which stipulate rigorous and consistent controls for the inspection, maintenance and repair of wheel and rim assemblies on earthmoving machinery. These are best practices that RIMEX contributed to and have adopted worldwide for superior wheel and rim maintenance.

When looking for a reputable wheel repair facility, ask the following questions:

  • Do they replace damaged or faulty wheel components, rather than providing temporary remediation?
  • What method(s) of NDT techniques do they use – Magnetic Particle Inspection, Magna flux, X-ray or Ultrasound?
  • Once the wheel/rim has been repaired, do they test the wheel again to ensure quality workmanship?
  • Are repaired wheels painted with as-new quality, direct-to-metal coating, including rust inhibition to extend the life of the finish?
  • Do they offer a warranty for the repaired product?
  • Are detailed reports with findings and recommendations available?
  • Is a Certificate of Conformance completed for each repair?

Following rigorous and reliable inspection and repair procedures, mine sites are able to carry on their work cycles and conduct business without interruptions or unplanned down time. The procedures are preventive, cost-effective and indispensable for workflow continuity, cost accountability and personnel safety. 

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