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Tag: Wheels & Rims

Eliminate Wheel Corrosion

  Corrosion is an ongoing and costly issue for OTR fleets working in extreme mining environments. It causes immeasurable damage to mining equipment wheels and […]

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Stud and Nut Tension and Controlled Bolting

Maintaining Tension Let’s look at the stresses that affect a wheel and its studs. We want to know how wheels are attached and how to […]

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Stud and Nut Tension

To examine stud and nut tension, we’ll conduct an experiment that tests the tension achieved in a fastener, given specific amounts of torque. This will […]

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Stud and Nut Maintenance

Maintenance “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” We’ve all heard this before, and it is a suitable way to look at some things, but […]

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