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Underground Mining Wheels

We manufacture wheels for all types and sizes of underground mining and support equipment, suitable for tube-type or tubeless tires.

RIMEX underground mining wheels feature the following safety improvements not available on industry standard or OEM wheels:

  • "I" lock ring replaces the industry standard "WI" lock ring. It is impossible to install the I lock ring incorrectly; it has been designed to allow mounting with either side facing up.
    • MES/I available in 20" to 24" diameters
  • an integral gutter disc has been added, creating a single piece gutter section and eliminating welds
    • MES/EM available in 25" to 29" diameters.
  • RIMEX's IGLR wheels are designed to allow the tires to be premounted with components, reducing equipment downtime.
    • IGLR available in 25", 29" and 33" diameters.

Download our catalogue for a complete list of sizes.