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IGLR Wheels

Available in wheel sizes: 25” – 63”

  • IGLR wheels are designed for the front steer and inner dual positions.
  • When IGLR wheels are installed on all four loader wheel positions, tire changes become quick and easy; allowing stubborn tire beads to be dealt with when time permits.
  • IGLR components can be premounted, using the RIMEX Premounting Stand, which significantly reduces tire servicing downtime.

Increase Equipment Availability by 12.5 Days Each Year with DGS/IGLR Wheels!

The following chart demonstrates the potential time savings achieved with the installation of the DGS/IGLR combination over industry standard five piece rims.

Inside tire removal and replacement*

Outside tire removal and replacement*

The eight piece DGS/IGLR Series combination saved 300 hours or 12.5 days of equipment availability per year!
(Based on a fleet of 20, 240t, haul trucks with an average of 153 inside tire changes and 39 outside tire changes per year.)

*Times may vary based on skill and conditions.