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DGS Wheels

Available in wheel sizes: 49” – 63”

The revolutionary Double Gutter Service (DGS) Series is a RIMEX TSR wheel/rim assembly with two bead bands, two side rings, one two-piece lock ring and one standard lock ring. The DGS was developed as a position sensitive outer dual so the inside tire could be easily mounted/demounted without removing the outer wheel/rim base. It is engineered with safety and time savings in mind — tire changes are completed in a fraction of the time.

RIMEX DGS wheels can be installed to haul truck outer dual positions without upgrading the inner dual wheels. Now the inner dual tires can be changed without removing the outer dual.

Increase Equipment Availability by 12.5 Days Each Year with DGS/IGLR Wheels!

The following chart demonstrates the time savings achieved with the installation of the DGS/IGLR combination over industry standard 5 piece rims*.

Inside tire removal and replacement

Outside tire removal and replacement

The eight piece DGS/IGLR Series combination saved 300 hours or 12.5 days of equipment availability per year!
(Based on a fleet of 20, 240t, haul trucks with an average of 153 inside tire changes and 39 outside tire changes per year.)

*Times may vary based on skill and conditions.