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Agricultural Wheels

RIMEX offers wheels specifically designed to handle the challenging conditions of the agricultural industry.

Implement Wheels
From 14" to 46" diameters, and from 5" to 27" in width.

Combine Wheels
From 24" to 42" diameters, and from 12" to 27" in width (dual conversion hubs are available in all sizes).

Sprayer Wheels
Straight plate and formed plate, bubble disc and dual conversions available from 30" to 54" diameters, and from 8" to 27" in width.

Tractor Wheels
4x4 primarys, dual and triples from 38" to 42" diameters, and from 16" to 23" in width.

Also available:

  • Hub Extensions, 10" to 36" custom builds
  • Econo and Snap On Clamps
  • J-Bolts
  • Eye Nuts and Bolts
  • T-Rails, sizes from 20" to 54"
  • Double bevel rims
  • Rims with clamps

Download the complete catalogue here