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"We have now had TyreSense operational in the business for approximately four months and have seen lots of cost and safety advantages in our fleet. I cannot disclose exact costings but can say that the cost to implement the system on sixteen 930E haul trucks and four 777 water carts was paid back within three and a half months just by utilising the trucks more efficiently and as an effect increasing the overall availability. The dot points below are how the overall savings of the project were calculated on a cost per hour basis."

  • 930E & 777 tyre inspections went from weekly to monthly
  • Trucks are no longer getting parked up for high TKPH alerts this was on average 10 a week in the hotter months
  • Cold inflation pressures are more accurate and have seen savings in overall fuel costs
  • We have had four low hour tyres saved from run flats due to valve damage
  • We had a hot tyre called which was resolved and diagnosed quickly due to TPMS
Tyre Supervisor, Queensland, Australia Mine

"In a comparative analysis completed by a prominent tire dealer at a Chilean mine site in the region of Coquimbo, RIMEX Double Gutter Service (DGS) and Integral Gutter Lock Ring (IGLR) wheels proved decisively superior to the standard 5-piece wheels and a competitor’s equivalent product. All wheels in the trial were put through six months of operation, including routine changes and rotations. Analysis of standard maintenance and service tasks on the wheels revealed an impressive 43% time-saving for the RIMEX DGS/IGLR series. As well, the results of the testing pronounced RIMEX wheels 18% more efficient overall. This analysis was not conducted by RIMEX, but the noteworthy results were made available to them at the conclusion of the analysis."

Chilean Mine Site in the Region of Coquimbo

"In my capacity as Tyre Manager for a mining company in the Bowen Basin Queensland I have used and would recommend the RIMEX product. I have found the fit and quality of the parts to be very good and the workmanship on repairs to be of a high standard.

All my dealings have been through the Mackay Branch who have proven to be very helpful when problems arise. For example our fleet of 793F trucks who run TSR IGLR and DG wheel assemblies have a requirement for a 34"rim base on the front positions to achieve the maximum tyre load carrying capacity. The Mackay Branch were able to modify a rim base to meet this requirement.

We have also fitted MES DGS bases to positions 3 & 6 on our Terex MT3700AC trucks which has significantly reduced down time for tyre changes and also tyre fitter fatigue.

In addition to the wheel products, all of our large rear dump trucks and loaders are fitted with TyreSense which has proven to be a very reliable system that gives good information and allows us to track tyre performance, extend tyre life and monitor circuit conditions. This has saved us machine down time and helps us meet the requirements of our tyre and rim SOP. Any information required to keep this system up and running is readily available from the TyreSense representative.

To summarize I have no reason to move away from the RIMEX product while it continues to offer value for money for a safe reliable product."

Tyre Manager, Mining Company in the Bowen Basin, QLD

"In tests conducted at a mine site in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, it was demonstrated that RIMEX’s TyreSense tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) saves an average of 15 minutes per truck, per week, on pressure maintenance checks. Across a fleet of 60 trucks, that adds up to a saving of 15 hours per week, or 780 hours per year (32 days of additional production time). To put it another way, if a truck is worth $1,200 to $1,500 per hour in operation, then the cost savings are approximately $1 million. Investing in the TyreSense TPMS quickly recoups its cost and realizes considerable savings into the future."

Mine in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia

"On January 9, 2016, just after midnight at a limestone quarry in Oklahoma, a Caterpillar 992K loader suffered a broken valve stem. The loader was equipped with TyreSense tire monitoring, which immediately sent text and email alerts to both the quarry manager and the contracted tire service company. The manager was on vacation but immediately notified his tire contractor. Since the contractor had also been alerted, he was already en route to the site. He arrived at the scene within 30 minutes, effected the repair and returned the vehicle to service. The total elapsed time from the initial incident to restored service was just two hours. TyreSense and a quick-acting contractor preserved an expensive loader tire and minimized valuable down time."

A Limestone Quarry in Oklahoma

"A Nevada mine running Hitachi haul trucks was inspected by MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) in December, 2015. The inspector noticed that the front struts on a Hitachi EH5000AC were at risk of rubbing on the tires if the vehicle went to full compression. The mine was written up by MSHA and told to repair the trucks. The mine called in its contracted truck maintenance staff, along with Michelin and their own mine tire manager. The first thought was to replace the hubs to push the tires outward, at a cost of $40K per truck. Alternatively, modifying the tires to narrower profiles would cost $120K per truck. The mine tire manager then turned to his RIMEX representative, who proposed an innovative solution to narrow the stock wheels. This strategy was agreed upon, and within three weeks the new wheels were delivered to the mine, at a dramatically lower cost of $19,966.00 per truck!"

Nevada Mine