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Rodas melhores. Construído com forte desempenho comprovado.

An industry leader for more than 45 years, RIMEX is a manufacturer and innovator of wheels and rims for the world’s most challenging industrial applications. Since 1976, RIMEX has served as a trusted global partner to the industrial heavy equipment community.

About Us

Wheels and Rims

RIMEX wheels are designed for performance and durability with stronger lock rings, heavier flanges and fully machined, precision gutter discs. The results are increased wheel life, efficiency and dependability. Our customers save time and reduce costs while also ensuring their operations are the most productive and safest possible.

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Why Rimex

What Makes Us different?

Superior Manufacturing

The introduction of industrial radial tires has yielded tremendous design and performance benefits.

Evolving Innovation

RIMEX’s continual innovations are propelling wheel/rim technology into the future.

Proven Performance

RIMEX products have been thoroughly tested and proven unbeatable with major mining companies around the world.

Minimal Maintenance

With the development of the MES and TSR Series, the past problems of rim failure and accessory stress are long forgotten.

RIMEX wheels are available as standard or optional fitment on these manufacturer’s quality machines

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