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8 Essential Tips to Reduce the Risk of Tire Explosions

Truck on Fire

Huge haulage trucks, rough working conditions, even rougher roads are part and parcel of open pit mining. No matter where in the world a mine is located, or what deposits are being extracted, the mining process imposes immense loads and stresses on production vehicles. And although the tires mounted on massive mining trucks are specifically designed to cope with adverse conditions, it's impossible to completely avoid tire incidents.

Lock Ring Safety

You’ve heard of the Big Bang, but how about this… there is enough explosive energy in a 40.00R57 tire/wheel assembly, inflated to 120 psi, to propel a 200 lb. person 5,247 ft. into the air!  Hence… the importance of lock rings!

 A tire is essentially a flexible pressure vessel that contains enough gas to support a load.

Lock rings are the final piece of the assembly, holding everything together. When the tire is inflated, the bead seat band and flanges are forced outwards. The back flange is supported by the lip of the back section, while the gutter side flange and bead seat band are held in place by the lock ring. To work properly, the lock ring requires proper mating parts, so you must always ensure that the correct gutter section and bead seat band are used.